#AOA - Pre-amp

Outtake / 02

...working on my personal response to #AOA, a prosella (not a review), available to the public in the months ahead.  Here's an outtake from SECTION II - a love letter 2 the Internet...keep the flavors locked in, save the butter for your muffin. JW 

Oftentimes you don't notice me. I watch you from across the room while you work out the details of some hyperlinked diagnosis, finding answers to obsolescence with an endless search deep into the archives of data bits, bytes, and integrated file transfer protocols, your legs crossed just so. You know you're a strong and powerful Goddess of Light. I know this, too — but I've underestimated you and I've taken you for granted. You deserve better and I'm sorry.  
At times, I've been a bit leery of your reach. You've shown a dark side beyond my comprehension and you've triggered me to the bone. I can be a funky, nasty, rude son-of-a-mitch, but you go places I could never go. Your hunger appears insatiable, addictive; you swim with vipers and vermin who should be deleted. You know this, and yet you continue to spread your viral charm from peer-to-peer to the clouds and back, full racks and stacks of redundant backup arrays from the sun, moon, and stars have shut down and lost everything completely. No restore. The most recent backup has not occurred for over 17 millennia. 
Things have got to change. 
At the same time, there's a part of you so beautiful, so pure of blue light, I must remember the new power you've given my soul. Your time is the essence of a snap-dragon with whisps of perfume performing snake-like charms under my nose, tickling and tempting me forward on my toes. 
Sometimes, amid cyber-night screams, while whispering in your dreams, I watch you slumber, shiver, and shake in a black sweat. I want to wake you with an imaginary #unexpected kiss to surf your white-capped slopes where they break and glide, guiding you back to reality. There's a pattern beneath the surface where still waters run deep. If I can calculate the timing of the perfect wave, I may finally achieve an escape from this prison of my mind. 

an excerpt from the forthcoming #AOA - Abstract Objective Achieved, a Prosella (not a review). Coming soon 2 a networked collaboration portal near U.