A found email love affair

TREEHOUSE contains the provocative emails of a real-life love affair carried out online 20-years-ago during the advent of the Internet.  The entire manuscript has been released as a series of tantalizing Appisodes™ to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own phone.

Treehouse Image 2.png


Voyeur / Vintage Internet / Romance / Prince

The year is 1996. The Treehouse Series begins in the midst of a prolonged courtship separated by years and miles. United online through the magic of the Internet, the story fumbles and stumbles its way through this new mode of communication, like teen-agers in the backseat of a digital Chevrolet. The provocative and expressive back-and-forth electronic transmissions reveal in explicit detail how these two have been linked together from past-lives to eternity, but is an AOL chat-room sexy enough to deliver?

The Treehouse Series continues in denial. Two computers with modems are all a couple needs to maintain their long-distance romance. But, what happens after the much needed face-to-face rendezvous takes place in California? Can we head back to life/back to reality and have everything work out without a hitch?

Trouble in paradise. In the third installment of the Treehouse Series, reality takes its toll and hits home — hard. Torn between two lovers, Treehouse is between a rock and a funky place as the walls come tumbling down. Is the distance between computers a buffer or an abyss?

The Treehouse Series concludes. Or, does it. What's that Prince song about sex? You know the one.

APPISODE 5: THE REVOLVER STORY (aka: The Travolta Story)
You have stumbled upon the stealth App in the Treehouse Series. Finally, the chronicles kept under wraps for the duration of the series has been forwarded as an attachment for all to read.

First Published April 2009 @ First Fifteen